Photographs of Hippopotamuses in the Wild

Welcome to Hippo Photos

On this website you will find images of hippos taken by Will Burrard-Lucas.

About Hippos

Binomial Name: Hippopotamus Amphibius

Current Hippo Subspecies
– Great Northern Hippopotamus
– East African Hippopotamus
– Cape Hippopotamus
– West African Hippopotamus
– Angola Hippopotamus

The Hippo is a large plant eater that spends most of its life in the water, particularly in lakes, lagoons and rivers, and only emerging at night to graze. They are found in Africa.

Hippos are characterised by their small legs, large body size, large jaws with big teeth. Hippos are fiercely territorial in the water, but not on land.

Hippos are often considered as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, due to their highly aggressive and unpredictable nature.

Despite their appearance, Hippos are powerful and can run at a considerable speed on land. They have strong jaws, equipped with formidable teeth and can attack at the slightest provocation. Crocodiles are often involved in fights with Hippos as they are close neighbours in Africa’s rivers and lagoons.